We all have funny quirks and superstitions, don’t we? Things we love and motivate us. For me, I wear University of Kentucky gear every day the Kentucky Wildcats play.  When the game is big and the competition is tough, I also wear my UK underwear that day.  Sounds normal, right? No quirk in that is there?


















The quirk is that no matter what, on game day I am wearing UK Blue. I have been on my way to the airport to fly out for a weekend speaking engagement and turned around because I forgot to pack UK gear.  It’s a rule! I made up and I don’t break it. It seems silly but I feel like I’ve failed the UK Wildcats if I am not wearing blue on game day and my underwear on big game days!  Why did Duke beat us like a drum in the first game of the year?  I had my gear but was in Kentucky and forget to pack my underwear! (Please note, we have not lost a game since 🙂 ) 



I make a lot of promises to people and you better believe I stay true to my word. Rarely do I ever break promises to anyone else unless it is absolutely unavoidable, and I will make it up.  I’ll bust my butt to make sure I’m fulfilling promises I’ve made even if that means long hours, lack of sleep, and extra staff. I don’t want to let anyone down.  Just today; I have a huge project with a deadline I am working on for a client, and I told her, I promise you we will have it done, even if I have to do a couple of back-to-back all nighters.

On the flip side, do you want to know who I often break promises to?

Just like you probably do to yourself?

I’ll do it later.
I know I shouldn’t but we are at the CHEESE CAKE Factory
I hate to spend money on silly stuff, when I can invest it
What if our kids need something in the future that is unexpected.
When everyone else is not needing my full attention, I’ll do it.

Sound familiar?

Thankfully, as I have grown older I have gotten much better in all of these areas.  I am thankful for my wife Dawn and  Scott, Brandon, Catalin, Anna, and every member of our staff.

The hardest lesson I had to learn was to say NO.

'You have to say No to the good ideas, so you have time for the GREAT ONES!'Click To Tweet

Sometimes I make excuses to myself, but I sincerely find that unacceptable.  And do you want to know the sad part? I don’t use those excuses for commitments I make to anyone else but myself.

This is why the Wildcat gear rule is so important to me. It’s a promise, albeit small, but a promise nonetheless. If I disregard this small promise, I’ve let myself down emotionally and get agitated if the Wildcat fall behind in a game.

I don’t believe you have to wait until January 1 to make promises to yourself and I don’t believe they have to be huge, lofty goals. If you struggle with breaking promises to yourself, will you join me in a workshop I will be holding soon on programming your mind for success?  In the meantime, you have the ability to make up whatever rules you want that will empower your life.

For you, it could be consistently doing the actions that will move your business and your life forward, or just following through with your weekly date night commitment to your spouse.

Whatever it is, big or small, I hope you’ll make your own “UK underwear rule”. I’d love to hear what your “underwear rule” is. Just comment below if you want… after reading this post in its entirety 😉 … and let me know.

Onto the business at hand… 

The Wins

Last week was Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  For some reason I think I was blessed to be born with an extra dose of thankfulness.  Great parents, wonderful family, awesome friends, as Joe Walsh said years ago “Life’s been good to me so far”. 

This year we spent Thanksgiving day in Atlanta with all of Dawns family, then drove to Kentucky and had Friday night Thanksgiving dinner at my brother’s home in Kentucky.  We spent the weekend with family and now are back in Georgia.

What I’ve Been Up To:

This week has been full of coaching clients and full day intensives.
We recently rolled out the 27% Success System Platform in conjunction with the Network Marketing Magazine. The positive response has been overwhelmingly positive, I will share a video with you. Thanks to all of you that are engaged in this platform.



Since August of 2015 I have been on a mission.  I am so thankful for
an industry and profession that helped a twenty year old distracted
kid get focused and provided an opportunity to devote my time and
energy where I could grow based upon my own skill set and mindset
development and not on how well I played with other kids  (I felt like
I was surrounded by drama filled 12 year old’s when I was in the
corporate world)

Honestly, I don’t mix well in the real world.  I feel like I am
surrounded by people with victim mentalities who constantly
want to blame other people for their bad decisions.  WE ALL MAKE
BAD DECISIONS!  All any of us can do is live, learn and continue to
move forward.  When we stop and blame, we are in trouble.

This profession gives us the opportunity to work with those we
. Yes I did get cussed out last week by a gentleman that
was starting a new company  (Actually a money game with a token
product thrown in) because I would not accept him as a client.  It had
been a few months since that happened. 🙂 

I am thankful to have options and work with people I
sincerely like as human beings. MLM Training Club Members
and NWMLDA members, you know who you are!


New Content On Podcasts

2019 is right around the corner. Are you ready for it?  What content
would you 
like for me to cover on the podcast?  You can always leave
your suggestions, or 
ask your questions here: ASK DALE

At the MLM Success Podcast I finished up a 5 session “mini-series”
I called 
Magic Spells.

































On the No Fluff Podcast







(Don’t miss #105)

Session 105 was titled  Engagement –Gamification- Hunger and the
Ripple Effect

Session 106  we covered Maximizing your Production when you are
full time.

You can find our podcasts on Itunes, Stitcher, Google Play.  I debating
some changes with our podcasts in 2019, I will fill you guys in
when I the final 
decision is made.

Favorite Tools

My favorite tool right now is probably Slack,  it is the easiest way
for me to communicate with staff members and not have worry about
messages getting lost in the email swamp.  It is also a unique way some
of our coaching clients are using to communicate with their team. It is
free and you can check it out a Slack.com 

What I’m Reading

Actually over the past couple of years I have been doing a lot
more listening than reading.  I go through about four to five
audio books a month, and if I love it, I buy the book.

Right now the book I am listening to is  FLOW Living at the
Peak of Your
Abilities.  b
y Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

I also listen to multiple podcast weekly in the personal growth,
emotional intelligence
and psychology space.  I am just fascinated
by why we think the way we think.

Don’t ask, I would rather eat nails than listen to a network marketing
podcasts, or read a book
on the topic.  The amount of non logical,
mis-information published daily by self-proclaimed 
gurus makes my
stomach hurt.  I try to avoid it unless when a MLM Training Club
or client sends me a clip for a good laugh.  People just don’t
know what they 
don’t know .  Unfortunately over the past twenty years
many people have been brought up in in the wrong culture and taught
concepts that will never duplicate and provide value for team

Most “leaders” have never had what I call “The Leadership Development
Paradigm Shift”  This is exactly why Uber issued more 1099’s last year
than the entire network marketing profession combined, and sales in
the USA have dropped the last two years.  

People tell me that will wake up owners, gurus, and “leaders”,
I sincerely wish I believed that, but I honestly don’t.  Most people
wake up too late.  That is why all any of us can do, is all we can
do.  Doing what is in the best interest of everyone on your team
is always the right decision.

I  believe living in a state of comfort,  having money and ego stop
growth in most entrepreneurs, what do you 
think? That is just
something I have been thinking about a lot lately.  Comfort does
not necessarily mean financial comfort, many our comfortable in
mediocrity has I talk about in the Change Your Financial Mindset

If there is a specific topic you’d like to hear about Ping me on Facebook,
Linked In, or in the comments section here and let me know a topic you
feel would be beneficial. 

Dedicated to Your Success,




P.S. If you’re ready to take your business and your thinking to the next level
then get registered for our notification list for our Programming Your Mind for Success
Program that we open once a year in December.  We do a live, free, 2 hour workshop
that clients describe as “Mind Bending”  Click Here to Be on the Notification List.

This sincerely is the most important information I will ever be able to share with the
world.  It is not what most people assume it is, but  “A wise person investigates what
a fool takes for granted”  













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