There is no question about it, and the trends speak for themselves. The Internet is becoming
much more about video than text.


So the question is how can you add video to your marketing and promotions, if you
are camera shy?  


















It has been said that public speaking is the number one fear in the world.  I would say that
the majority of people are more afraid of speaking in front of a camera than they are on stage.

For me personally it has never been a big deal because I grew up singing with my parents in
country music shows, and performing my magic act as a teenager.

I have never been one to take myself too seriously,  I have never re-shot a video.  I have been
known to take phone calls, slurp water, and even zip my pants in the middle of shooting a training
video.  I am not saying that is smart, or even normal, I am just saying it is how I have always rolled.

My wife has stopped me multiple times before I start a live video telling me to change my
shirt, shave, or comb my hair.  How I look doesn’t even occur to me, it is always about the
content attempting to communicate.

It has been surprising to me how many great speakers on stage will sometimes freeze when a
camera is put in front of them.  I remember the first video shoot we did with our team back in
the 90’s. The company we were working with took their slick, highly polished opportunity video
and allowed local groups to add team testimonies to it.

It was powerful when people in our area of the country, watched this Hollywood style video
with testimonies from leaders in their state or the surrounding states.

The best speakers we had in front of the room were absolutely the most uncomfortable on
video.  To this day I have not wrapped my mind around why this is the case, but I have
seen this multiple times.

If given a choice I would personally rather not be on camera, but I can roll however I need to
roll. The goal is to not let your mind get clogged up with anything other than the content.  I
realize for most that is easier said than done.

I don’t think it is debatable that video is only going to become more necessary for anyone
who want to market online.

So what is the answer?  If you are uncomfortable in front of the camera, I suggest you find
an easy to use video software production suite.  That is what I have decided to do.  Yes, I will
continue to make talking heads videos, but sometimes I just need to create a short message and
don’t want to take a shower or change my shirt before I do it.   I tend to get real focused and real
intentional when putting  together content.  I would love to just upload a script or let a voice over
handle the heavy lifting.

With the simple to use Video Robot software suite you and I and anyone else can make marketing
video’s quickly
and easily.

We have evaluated a ½ dozen software suites and the one we decided on is VIDEO ROBOT.  It
is going to help us in our marketing and promotions.  Yes, I will still continue to do talking
videos, but this software suite will help all of us take things to the next level as quickly
and easily 
as possible. 

Don’t neglect video in your marketing, get in front of this right now. When was the last time
you visited a website expecting video and all you saw was text that you didn’t want to take
the time to read?  Like this blog post 🙂  By the way thanks for reading it.  If you are ready to
take your video marketing efforts to the next level, or start right now I hope you find this
info valuable.

Continued Success!

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