I originally wrote this a several days ago, and just realized I never posted it…. so here it is….just in case we get the snow they are forecasting this weekend. 🙂


I am constantly shocked at the attitude “If first I don’t succeed, fix the blame quick” and the fact that we live in a world were everything bad that happens must to be blamed on something or somebody.  We experience this daily from people in our industry.   When are we going to realize that until, we accept responsibility we cannot get better at anything.  Of course I am not saying that there was anything anyone could do to prevent the horrific ice and snow storm  that hit the South.   What I am trying to communicate is BLAMING others becomes a habit, and it is a bad habit.    Many people seem to think that in every negative situation they are required to blame someone else, and that nobody is allowed to make mistakes and learn from them and politicians in general are the worst at blaming other people.

Atlanta Snow


Dawn and I just got back from Kentucky last night.  After we got off I-75 and started home, it looked like a war zone.  There were abandoned cars, trucks, and school buses all along the sides of the road, evidence of  people who had just given up and weren’t able to make it to their destinations.

Last Friday when we arrived in Kentucky there was three inches of snow on the ground, and three more inches fell that night.  It was no big deal because PEOPLE WERE PREPARED.  School was called off and most people in Kentucky have been driving in snow all their life and government officials have a snow plan, salt trucks, and extra salt ready.

As you have probably witnessed on the news several southern states have been declared to be in a state of emergency.  You certainly cannot blame financially strapped governments in cities that rarely even see a snow flurry to have funds tied up in salt trucks sitting in warehouses that may not be used for years.  The bottom line, it is hard to prepare for something, you rarely experience.  Sometimes life throws us curve balls.

Most people who live in the South, have never learned how to drive on snow and ice because thankfully they have never had to learn.  Most government officials have too many more pressing issues than developing a snow plan, when it is highly likely it will never be used during their administration.

Everything doesn’t always have to be SOMEBODY’S fault.  Yes it is tragic that kids had to spend the night sleeping on school floors and some people were stranded in restaurants, and grocery stores, but sometimes bad things happen to good people.  We had friends and family members that spent hours in the mess.  We could have spent all of our time and energy being frustrated with the school systems and government officials, or …….. praying for their safety. which was our choice.   All we can do is try to help each other and move on, blaming someone or some entity does nothing to help the situation.

You live, LEARN, and move on so you are better prepared to handle the situation next time.

The real answers are always in the mirror, and sometimes it is just NOBODY’S FAULT.

If and when this happens again, maybe people will make certain they have enough food and water for a few days and then decide they are not going to send their kids to school, or go to their job that day.  I don’t know what the answer may or may not be for someone, but I do know, that sometimes it is better to not try to pass blame and instead, just pray, learn, and move on.  It is called life, and “This too shall pass”.

I hope you and yours are safe.



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