This week I have had an epiphany. At 52 years old, those don’t come around that often and when they do, well it is kind of exciting.  It is not quite a paradigm shift, but they feel almost as good.


 The definition of epiphany is:  a sudden, intuitive perception of or insight into the reality or essential meaning of something, usually initiated by some simple, homely, or commonplace occurrence or experience.


This week I had several in depth conversations with four different six figure network marketers and one company owner, all whom had NEVER BEEN IN THE INDUSTRY BEFORE.   


I can tell you after over thirty years in the network marketing industry, it is hard for me to have five in depth conversations with people that are not involved in network marketing, but to have five with SUCCESSFUL people who had never been in the industry is quite rare, in fact I cannot tell you if that has ever happened before.  Yes I talk with people daily who are involved in XYZ company, and not having success, but to talk with 4 first time network marketers, all earning six figures as well as a company owner created a different perspective for me, an epiphany if you will.


They had all contacted me about developing step-by-step, sequential training systems for their organizations and company.  It was quite refreshing because most six figure earners in the industry grind it out, with a tremendous work ethic & determination and quite frankly do not really understand how they got to the top other than they talked with a lot of people.  However their ego, does not allow them to ever consider there may be a better way to train their organization beyond work hard and talk to a lot of people beyond an occasional lead capture page they suggest.


MLM Ego is a strange and usually destructive type of Ego which I am eventually going to write a book about.  I have owned the domain name for years.  It seems when individuals get to the top, people put you on what I call the “All Knowing” pedestal.   Many people feel to try to improve, or get coaching or help AFTER you have reached the top is a sign of weakness.  It is like they are afraid that others will discover all they really did was work hard and talk to a lot of people.   Heck even Tiger Woods needs a coach, and as I have said many times, real success and learning starts, AFTER you know everything.


Anyway, let me get back on point.


As I was saying, I was talking with these 5 people about developing, sequential, step-by-step learning systems for their teams.  All 5 of these people had been self-employed or where traditional business owners, prior to getting involved in the industry.


One owns six fast food franchises, another a real estate company, one a auto glass repair company, etc.   So these people looked at MLM training through traditional business owners eyes.  How do you look at MLM training?


Again, I ask you what is training?


When I look at mlm training I see it through the eyes of a 27% that entered the industry with nothing but determination.  I had none of the skills that it takes to build a network marketing industry, but thankfully I had no choice.  It was make it in network marketing or spend the rest of my life in a slave like environment every day building someone else’s dream.  Thankfully there was no email or internet at the time, so I didn’t have the distractions of most marketers today.  


I had to learn literally everything from the ground up.  I didn’t have the natural people skills that most network marketers have.  I didn’t have a large circle of influence, or wasn’t known as pillar in the community.  I was simply a determined kid that wanted freedom!


So when I look at network marketing and training, I see it as I had to learn it, which basically means everything.  I had to learn time management, creating the right expectations, the recruiting process, dozens of ways to create leads, the law of averages, personality types, to not talk too much, overcome call reluctance, how to get people moving after they join, what to do about no shows, how to get a decision at the right time, how to speak in front of groups, that I didn’t want to sponsor everyone, realistic goal setting, how to create retails sales and repeat customers,
how to lead people, removing obstacles, there are no short cuts or fu fu dust, and the list goes on and on and on and on and on …………………


That is why it took me longer to earn a six figure income than anyone I have ever met in the industry.  Yes, I had some success and was able to leave my job after 5 years part-time, but it took me 9 years to make 92,000 but my 10th year my income jumped to over $250,000, my 11th year over a million and my 13th year over 3 million.


How does that happen?


It was by design!!


Very few people have seen their income jump from $92,000 to over 3 million in 5 years.  I can tell you it happened by design, there was no luck involved.  Yes, I was in the right place at the right time, but my experience and persistence enable me to recognize that.  Let’s face it 90% of the population can’t recognize a legitimate income opportunity from Amway.


I can distinctly remember talking to a friend of mine 15 years ago who made the statement  “Dale in the next 5 minutes I could make a list of 100 people who were earning $100,000+ in network marketing who today or no longer in the industry, and you could too”.  That statement shook me, and I have never forgotten it.  How could that happen?  How could people work so hard and get their income to that level, only to leave the industry?  The simple answer is what they did to build their business could not be duplicated.


The reason my income exploded is because I had such a long way to go in the beginning.  So I knew the path people would have to follow and understood the emotional roller coaster trip they were about to go on.


Network marketing is a very simple, yet extremely complex business.


The truth is, the more success you have in the beginning the more challenges you will have in the future, because whatever you are doing will not be duplicatable by the majority of people.  High credibility people with a center of influence can go a long way with hard work and persistence.  However most people on their team will not be able to duplicate that success, not because of lack of desire or determination, but because they don’t know a lot of people, and have not yet developed the work ethic and people skills that many MLM Leaders enter the industry with.  Does that make sense?


So eventually these high performance company super stars come to the realization that they need to find a way to help their people and offer a more structured training program,  that is when they usually find me.  I am the guy, simply because I started with nothing.  I mean my sponsor had so much confidence in me, he quit two weeks after I joined.  I have never had a system or upline support to plug into, so for that reason I place much much more emphasis on that than anyone I know.


So here is the epiphany.  How to traditional business owners and entrepreneurs define and think about the word training?


Think about that before you read further, especially if you have a traditional business background.


My brother and I owned a sports cards and memorabilia business in the early nineties.  It got to the point where we needed to hire an employee.


His name was Chris, he liked sports and had a basic knowledge of sports cards.   It was my job to train him.  Quite frankly it was a very simple process.  People come into the shop, look around, decide what they want, bring it to the counter and pay for it.  I gave him a few sorting cards jobs to do when customers were not in the shop. He knew how to open and close and that was basically it.


Think about any traditional business, the learning curve is usually fairly quick and simple, especially in the retail environment.   So most high performance people expect network marketing training to be just as simple,
and it isn’t.


Consider this, network marketing is one of the only business models that require both skill sets AND MINDSETS.  Listen, I can be the most negative, self defeating chef in the world.  However if I have great skill sets (can prepare unique food) I will probably be able to develop a successful restaurant.   However in network marketing if you have a negative and self defeating attitude you don’t have a prayer of making it.


I have always believed that network marketing is a 3-5 year game plan to financial independence with an 18 month learning curve …. If you have great mentorship and a step-by-step, congruent, and sequential training program.


Unfortunately, most people who join network marketing join with a friend or business associate and never get access to a proven, sequential, congruent, mlm training system.


One final thought.  Everyone is initially decides they need a simple system. I agree, however they are usually talking about a recruiting process.  The recruiting process is just one of the components of a MLM Training System.


It should be as simple, and easy to duplicate as possible.  However you should never replace simplicity with effectiveness.  The most important realization is that the recruiting process is just part of the over all MLM Training system.



Within our system we teach


*  Realistic Goal Setting
*How to Get New people Started Right
*The Retention System
*How to Overcome Call Reluctance
* The Recruiting Process
* The Retail Process
* How to Create Local Leads
* How to Create Online Leads
* How to help people past their mental blocks
* How to program your mind for success


And much, much more.


Each system is taught, sequentially, step-by-step, with one building upon the previous.


There is great training in the market that covers all these subjects. The challenge is many times we end up trying to teach Advanced Algebra to people that have not learned basic edition. 

The key to learning and training is it must be sequential.  Each concept and idea, must build upon the previous.  That is why Freshman take freshman classes and senior’s take senior classes.


So let me ask you again, what is MLM Training? I hope this article will help you see your mlm business and training your team at a deeper level.

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