If you missed the segment and interview with Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos on 60 minutes last night, it is something that every entrepreneur should see, so here it is:

As many of you know we have been recommending that marketers find a way to tap into the power of Amazon for several years. We always try to practice what we teach and preach. When I first started publishing some of our MLM training manuals on Amazon’s Kindle platform there were only a handful of Kindle books available on Amazon. At the time of this writing there are hundreds, in the near future there will be thousands.

We have been selling some of our training DVD programs, like Confessions of a Network Marketing Millionaire on Amazon for several years.

For the last three to four years we have been having Amazon Affiliate websites built, make them profitable and then selling the entire website. Over the past year we have tapped into the fulfillment by Amazon business model and the results have been staggering, the Amazon FBA business model alone, has six figure monthly potential.

So I am a big believer in Amazon and have always felt that as marketers we need to learn go where the traffic already is. As I watched the interview last night it became obvious to me why Amazon is basically taking over the online marketing world. I have heard it said that 1/3 of ALL online sales in the US are done on Amazon.

As I watched the interview, a couple of quotes really stood out and were so good I don’t want to forget them and are applicable to network marketing and all business. I remember years ago when I had the paradigm shift that “all successful entrepreneurs think the same way and have basically the same thought patterns”. I use to love to watch the A&E show Biography because this idea was confirmed over and over.

Powerful quotes from Jeff Bezos on 60 Minutes


“The long term approach is rare enough that it means you are NOT competing with very many companies”

I have always tried to teach that network marketing is not about the income you can generate next month, it is a 3-5 year game plan to success as we harp on over and over in our MLM Training Club program. As network marketing leaders one of the best things you can do is teach your team to have a 3-5 year game plan. If you want to make an extra $500 a month there are easier ways. Network marketing is about wealth creation, and that is not going to happen in 90 days.

“Just the change in timeline can be a very big competitive advantage”

As a network marketing leader, prospects and business minded people appreciate hearing the truth. Yes the masses foam at the mouth at the hype, and the thought of doubling their income in 90 days, or getting rich while watching TV, however business minded people respond to logic, facts & numbers.
If you tell people the truth, and tell them up front you are working a 3-5 year game plan to wealth, and avoid the get rich quick pitch, it will give you a competitive advantage with the right type of people.

“You have to Earn Your Keep in this World”

Most people have the philosophy “If first I don’t succeed, fix the blame quick”. However business minded people understand that success starts with responsibility and every business model requires mindsets and skillsets that can be developed over time.

“Complaining is not a Strategy”

All I can say to this is Amen!

One final thought. In the video they make the statement, “After products arrive to Amazon” keep in mind that 95% of those products are being sent to Amazon by people like you and me that are tapping into the FBA Amazon business model. (Success leaves Clues)

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