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What if it is True?

What if “You are where you are in your life because of what has gone into your mind and THE ONLY WAY to change where you are is change what goes into your mind”  Zig Ziglar

“What the mind of human beings can conceive and believe it can achieve”Click To Tweet

So STOP, re-read that quote and ask yourself,
what if that is really true?

What if, the struggles and challenges you have going on right now in your life.  Business, financial, family and relationships, are ALL because you have created those challenges though your thought life?

I understand that the majority of READY-FIRE-AIME entrepreneurs are looking for tactics, tips, hacks and tricks, which by the way delay your success for years as I outlined in the article here.

However, the truth of the matter is until you control your daily internal conversations you will never come close to achieving your full upside potential, and that is the truth!

Anyone who has been around the personal development space anytime at all understands this and accepts the concept of self talk, our auto-suggestion as Napoleon Hill wrote about in Think and Grow Rich.  People are quick to argue others opinions, but is hard to argue with proven wisdom of the ages principles without sounding stupid to those who have accepted and implemented these principles.

The question we get every week is Dale how do I get a control of my thoughts and learn to focus on the activities that will move my life and my business forward?









I can hear some of you reading this now, saying NURO ….WHAT?


Here is how Wikipedia describes it.


Neuroplasticity, also known as brain plasticity and neural plasticity, is the ability of the brain to change throughout an individual’s life, e.g., brain activity associated with a given function can be transferred to a different location, the proportion of grey matter can change, and synapses may strengthen or weaken over time.

Research in the latter half of the 20th century showed that many aspects of the brain can be altered (or are “plastic”) even through adulthood. However, the developing brain exhibits a higher degree of plasticity than the adult brain.

Neuroplasticity can be observed at multiple scales, from microscopic changes in individual neurons to larger-scale changes such as cortical remapping in response to injury.  Behavior, environmental stimuli, thought, and emotions may also cause neuroplastic change through activity-dependent plasticity, which has significant implications for healthy development, learning, memory, and recovery from brain damage.

At the single cell level, synaptic plasticity refers to changes in the connections between neurons, whereas non-synaptic plasticity refers to changes in their intrinsic excitability.

In average people like ourselves terms.



I understand this sounds like Fu Fu dust for some, and common sense for others.  The bottom line is Science has proven what books like:

Have been telling us for years!    In the mid-nineties after reading about reprogramming our brains in every self-help book I picked up, I decided to consciously, daily, starting INTENTIONALLY programming my mind for success on a daily basis

I went through a quick 15 minute daily routine, and honestly I feel it is the most important thing I have ever done to build my business.

My income exploded, my health improved, and I learned to live life in a positive, focused, rhythm, and flow.  I am certainly not perfect, but I work on it and go through this process daily.

A few years later, I introduced this daily 15 minutes a day program to my personal team.   For many of them, their results surpassed mine, and everyone who followed the 15 minutes a day process will tell you the Programming Your Mind for Success course has made a more positive impact on every aspect of their life than anything they have ever done.

Over the years I have added more science and documentation to the course to support what many of us already know to be true.  The challenge is knowing or knowledge without action leads to self-delusion”

I personally heard and agreed with the concept of auto suggestions and self-talk the first time I heard it explained.  I understood and had the knowledge, but it wasn’t until I put together a 15 minute daily program and followed it that that wisdom created positive impact on my life.

I am fascinated that in today’s world how many people seek knowledge, but fail to implement that knowledge in their own live’s to receive the results they are looking for.

I think a big part of the challenge is we tend to compare ourselves with others around us.  I teach our students to learn how to  compare themselves with who they intricately know they could become.  (What their mind can conceive and believe)

We have thousands of students that have gone through this course and we experience 100% success rate with everyone who follow this 15 minutes a day process.

Think about that for a minute. 100% Success Rate?  How is that even possible, who does this guy think he is fooling, no program has 100% Success rate!

YOU ARE WRONG!  Read my words carefully, that is not what I said. I want to be clear. 

We have thousands of students that have gone through this course and we experience 100% success rate with everyone who follow this 15 minutes a day process.

Do some of our students invest in this program and not follow the 15 minute a day process we outline?  Of course!  Life happens.  Children get sick, ageing parents have needs, etc. etc.
The great thing about this program is if life takes you out of your 15 minute a day routine, you can always pick back up where you left off and continue the process.   In 30 days you will notice a difference, after 60 day you will experience a drastic change in the way you look at yourself and your potential to conquer whatever area of life you choose.  In 90 days, others are going to see the difference in your attitude, confidence, self-discipline, and over all well being.


So yes, it is true!


“What the mind can conceive and believe in can achieve”


Currently we only open this program once a year.  It is not for everybody!  It is only for those that truly understand that INVESTING IN YOURSELF IS THE BEST INVEST YOU CAN MAKE.

When you really stop and think about it that is very paradoxal.  People that have never invested in themselves, or don’t believe they are worth the investment, probably need to implement this 15 minutes a day system worse than anyone, don’t they?


Regardless, if you would like to be placed on our notification list for the re-opening of the course you can do that here:



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Literally there is nothing you will ever read on this blog that will have more of a positive impact on your life.  This course has provided more positive impact on others than I could have ever hoped for.  We have testimonies on fire from members around the world.

I understand that most entrepreneurs suffer from entrepreneurial ADD.  They are addicted to looking for the Fu Fu dust, but not you, because you actually made it to the end of this article. 

That is a clue for me, and for you.  If what I have said resonates with you, make sure you join our notification list, and maybe you will qualify to be in the next group of Programming Your Mind for Success students.  Click Here Now to Be on Our Notification List.


Dedicated to Your Success,









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