I think my favorite quote of all time is

“Formal Education makes you a living, if your become
Self-Educated your create a fortune”

I attempt to constantly stay in front of new marketing
trends, while learning from the past and to never
neglect the proven systems of the past.

There is so much going on right now, it is an
very exciting time.

What are you learning right now?

What is your focus?

These are powerful questions all successful people
should be asking themselves. When you are green
you grow, when you are ripe you rot.

Many people try to learn to make money. Others
learn to learn and refine their systems. Systems
and only systems can be duplicated over and over
in multiple markets.

Our primary focus this year has been

1) Kindle Publishing

Dawn and I have gone through multiple courses on this
subject. Most published, not fiction books are simply
lead generation tools for the authors. So we are not looking
at Kindle as a profit stream as much as we are a lead
generation tool.

We have converted some of my older books to Kindle,
and the last 3-4 books I have written, the only way I
offer them right now is through Kindle.

You can see my books on Amazon here:

Again, we are still in the process of learning and systemizing
our process. I know, it makes no sense for us
to not have books in PDF format, and yes we
should be placing books on the Barnes & Nobles
Nook. We are in the process of learning and working
through all of this as I speak.

If you do the research you will see, that experts say
that in the future, books will basically become extinct.
Any of us who have become avid readers over the years
have mixed emotions about that fact. However our
emotions, doesn’t change the fact. The truth is getting
in front of trends is always a smart move to make from
a marketing and lead generation standpoint.

We actually started our learning process on Kindle
at this website: http://cmgwebsitetraffic.com/links/2727

2) Mobile Text/SMS Marketing
We are testing new campaigns every month, trying to make
the math work. Quite frankly, this marketing method has
become so hot there is a ton of conflicting information
out there and no clear guru to learn from at this point.
We have invested several hundreds dollars this year on various
courses, and to this point we are still having hit and miss
results. You can find, good tools and information here:

I know that this marketing method is the future. It makes
since with the right product and the right targeting. I am
going to continue to learn and test, and I find the potential

3) Facebook
There is nothing more frustrating for me as a marketer this year
than Facebook. We have had great success with paid ad campaigns
and totally bombed with others.

We have spent thousands of dollars this year, on training courses,
and paid FB ads. The challenge as soon as you start to figure it out
they change everything.

The rules are not in place.

Now that Google has released their website to compete with
Facebook it appears Facebook is almost in panic mode as the
media continues to beat them up over privacy issues and their
data collection process. By the way, I disagree with
the media stance on this. The only thing required for you to
give Facebook to set up an account is your name and email
address, everything else is voluntary!

If you don’t want it to be in cyber space then don’t put it on

For the money this Facebook course is still the best investment
we have made: http://cmgwebsitetraffic.com/links/2728
I create hundreds of leads a month through facebook and make
over $1,000 in affiliate commissions, but for the work and time
I have put into this it should be 10X what it is. It is hard to hit
a target when it keeps moving on you.

That is what Facebook continues to do. It is a constant evolution.

The groups, and fanpage codes and rules have changed m
ultiple times. For now, my focus is going to stay on the paid
ads aspect because that has stayed fairly consistent, and
there is no question that the targeting options they offer are
powerful. The challenge is to get your cost per clicks to a
manageable number.

In the meantime, I am very happy with the .09
cent clicks I get here every month:

http://cmgwebsitetraffic.com/links/2729 this program continues
to be the best $30 a month a spend on online advertising.

I just want to encourage you to recognize and stay in
front of trends. Without question that is where you
will find the greatest rewards for your marketing efforts.

Stay GREEN my friends!


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