Aloha, My name is Kaimi Pelekai,   I have recently gotten back in to Network Marketing and the company I was with didn’t have a true “system” to being successful. I stumbled across Mr. Calvert’s information almost by accident and today and very glad I did.I have purchased most of the information that he’s put on CD or DVD, however nothing was more impacting than actually speaking with him on the phone.

First I was so shocked to call the number on his emails and website and actually find him answering the phone. Secondly, I was glad I came with questions because the truth is…he had all the ANSWERS!!!  If you’re looking for a mentor that has been there and done that Mr. Dale Calvert is the right person to speak with. Unified Duplicatable System. He is the master!!!  Ka`imi Pelekai 808-366-7288 http://www.openthedoor.ws http://www.bhiphawaii.com




“I saw Dale Calvert at the first Seminar of the Century event in Kentucky. I was blown away by that event and Dale’s ideas for generating leads. Dale delivered from the heart with such passion and conviction, and that’s why I was excited to hear him again in Los Angeles at the More
Heart Than Talent event.

Dale delivered even more as he empowered people to visualize strategies they never thought of before. Dale tells it like it is. If you learn from his experience and implement his strategies, you will shorten the learning process and achieve the results you want. His knowledge is priceless.

– Deaneen N. Elswick

“I have had the privilege of knowing Dale for the last several years, and invited him to speak at my More Heart than Talent Seminar.

Dale is a Master Network Marketer, who has actually DONE what he TALKS about and When Dale talks, I recommend you listen!

– Jeffery Combs, CA


I just wanted to commend you on your audio tape Network Marketing is a SCAM! Talk about an EYE OPENER! It really hits home when one of the marketing techniques I was considering (mailing audio tapes) is torn to shreds, and what you said makes perfect sense,I truly believe that if I end up being a Network Marketing Success story that your tape will have played a major part in it.

Thank you.

Best Regards,
Troy D. Pentico

Hi Dale,

I just listened to your “Network Marketing is a SCAM” cassette. Just wanted to say its about time someone said what we all knew!!!! I agree with you 100 percent! If other companies would follow your philosophy, we would all be a lot better off!

You have brought me back to life and I have decided to get involved with your company and its many good people. Pam Rose responded to my spam on the web and introduced me to the best opportunity I have seen in a long while. I attended a local meeting and your organization really does practice what you teach!!!!Please don’t ease up. Keep your opportunity strong and long term.

Thank you,
Bob Goodner

I loved your “Confessions” videos! I appreciate your passion on educating others about Network Marketing. What you are doing, and how you are doing it will only elevate the respect people will have for our industry in the future.

Thank you very much and keep up the great work!

Cynthia Martin
President’s Team Herbalife International

I just finished listening to your latest cassette MLM is a SCAM.I want to tell you what a big fan of yours I am. I’ve learned more about the history of the MLM industry from you than everyone else combined.

The “mindset” you always talk about is something that has really helped me.I view you as one of the honest voices in this industry.

Keep up the Great work!
Leo DiBenigno Miami, Florida Changes International

Hi Dale,

I just wanted to let you know that I have watched both videos, Power of a Dream, and The Last MLM Company You’ll Join. Power of a Dream video literally brought tears to my eyes which I’m sure you’ve been told before. It certainly is a life altering experience to be able to see your story.

I know that there are thousands of people like that in this industry and I sometimes wonder if any other industry has as many heartfelt rags to riches stories. It can be used for any company and perhaps if you don’t you should make it available to the public as strictly a motivational tool. I think a lot of people and organizations would benefit from it. I know I did. I noticed that the “Last…” video has a lost of the same themes as the SCAM tape. But having it visually presented added a great deal to your message. I even took notes for future reference because some things you included are things that 90% of networkers have probably never been exposed to. It’s amazing how ignorant some people are about the business they actually are in, I guess its a hobby to most people.

You are without a doubt the best “teacher’ in the classic sense I’ve seen in this industry. You give plenty of knowledge, but even more important, you give hope and motivation. No one comes even close and I’ve studied many of the gurus (which I know you don’t consider yourself). You’re only a few years older than me but I see you as some wise and respected figure. If I ever was going to climb the MLM Mountain and search for the meaning of it all, I would expect to find you there.

Best regards,
Lisa Davenport

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