Today, is the FIRST day of the rest of your life.

Your Past does not have to = your future unless
you want it to.

Take Kentucky’s own Colonel Sanders

At age 5 his Father died.
At age 16 he quit school.
At age 17 he had already lost four jobs.
At age 18 he got married.
Between ages 18 and 22, he was a railroad conductor and failed.
He joined the army and washed out there.
He applied for law school he was rejected.
He became an insurance salesman and failed again.
At age 19 he became a father.
At age 20 his wife left him and took their baby daughter.
He became a cook and dishwasher in a small cafe.
He failed in an attempt to kidnap his own daughter, and
eventually he convinced his wife to return home.

At age 65 he retired

On the 1st day of retirement he received a cheque from
the Government for $105.

He felt that the Government was saying that he couldn’t
provide for himself.

He decided to commit suicide, it wasn’t worth living anymore;
he had failed so much.

He sat under a tree writing his will, but instead, he wrote what he
would have accomplished with his life. He realized there was much
more that he hadn’t done. There was one thing he could do better
than anyone he knew. And that was how to cook.

So he borrowed $87 against his cheque and bought and fried up
some chicken using his recipe, and went door to door to sell them
to his neighbors in Kentucky.

Remember at age 65 he was ready to commit suicide.

But at age 88 Colonel Sanders, founder of Kentucky
Fried Chicken (KFC) Empire was a billionaire.

Moral of the story: Attitude. It’s never too late to start all over.


You have what it takes to be successful. Go for it and make
a difference. No guts no glory. It’s never too old to dream.

There will probably never be a person who reads this that
doesn’t agree that things can change.  However their aint
no fu fu dust.  There is no magic genii that is going to  pop
out of the bottle and give you three wishes.  You aren’t
going to win the lottery.

So how do we make changes and start over.

These words changed my life when I was 20 years old

“You are where you are in your life because of what has
gone into your mind, the ONLY WAY to change where
you are is to change what goes into your mind”
Zig Ziglar

Those words changed my life immediately, because I
DECIDED to change what was going into my mind.

However it wasn’t until 3 years later when I consciously
decided to intentionally, daily, PROGRAM my mind for
Success.  That may sound Woo Woo but it is the truth.

You can read all the motivational stories and quotes you
want, but until YOU DECIDE to change what goes into
your mind not much will change.  In my opinion the
magic really happens when you CONSCIOUSLY DAILY
program your mind for success.

I did it, and I can share with you the 15 minutes I spend
daily and exactly what I did if you want to click here.

My life was never the same.  You are either on the path
or your not.  If you are, stay on it, if you aren’t get on it
or continue to rub lamps and buy lottery tickets, it is
your choice.

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