This interviewed originally was published in 2000 in the book WHOS WHO IN NETWORK MARKETING. As you read this article the one thing that is apparent is that Mr. Calvert’s message has been consistent over the years, based upon what he calls “Wisdom of the Ages” success principals.

What brought you into the business of network marketing?

I joined my first company when I was twenty years old. I had a good job at IBM in Lexington, Kentucky. I couldn’t accept the fact that I would have to be a slave to the corporation for forty years. I knew I had to own my own business. However, I had no money and no clue what to do first. I realized the only way the average person, like myself, would ever be able to develop financial independence was to be able to duplicate my efforts through other people. That is when a friend of mine shared an audio tape about this industry with me. I joined, and my friend quit two weeks later.

How has the industry changed since you started in network marketing?

I believe the industry has gone through six major trends since the fifties. I talk about these trends in detail on my newest audio training, The Secret to Network Marketing Success in the NEW MILLENNIUM. The bottom line is simply this . . . It has evolved from a vehicle to earn total financial independence in 3 – 5 years, to a mentality of how can we make money Quicker, Faster and Easier. People are not told the truth, “leaders” are simply telling people what they want to hear. Technology has not changed proven “Wisdom of the Ages” success principles. Prospects are told they can stay home, sit on their couch, place a few ads on the Internet, or mail a few postcards and get rich and that is not true! We must return to our roots of proven unified duplicatable training systems and personal development programs

To what do you attribute your success?

I have always been a good student of high performance people and the network marketing industry. Great leaders are first good followers. Great teachers are first tremendous students. How can you teach that which you have not learned? In all reality, I was too stubborn to quit! Persistence & Consistence are two of the key characteristics of all successful people within this industry.

You were the driving force behind the amazing growth of New Image International. Why did you leave the company to start another one?

I could write a book on this question, and probably will someday.

To be the “driving force” behind any company you must have a group of dedicated, value focused hungry leaders. We certainly had that at NII in the beginning. We started that company with sixteen self proclaimed MLM flunkies and Burnouts from Kentucky, Indiana, and Tennessee.

I have always believed that there is no end to what a group of focused people can accomplish when they dont care who gets the credit. However, when peoples reality and income surpasses their expectations, human nature is to lose focus and create a false sense of security. Attitudes change.

NII taught me a lot about ego, pride, jealousy, greed, a survival focus mentality, and sense of entitlement. I don’t really understand those emotions. I didn’t do a very good job of handling them with some of the field leadership. I assumed far too much. I have learned and will be better for the experience.

I guess my personal goals and vision for ALL of our distributors and that of some corporate and field leaders was different. I simply couldn’t support decisions that I felt only benefited a select few.

What are your personal goals at Nu Creations?

We will help more people earn $50,000 per year than any company in this industry! Our leaders will become Millionaires by helping hundreds of people in their organization reach the $50,000 goal. We know our new “Forced Tri-Level” marketing plan is the right plan to help us accomplish this goal. Only 2 micro downlines of 39 people each enable you to accomplish the $5,000 monthly income target with our one-of-a-kind compensation plan.

What advice would you give people just starting out in network marketing?

Unfortunately, this industry is full of gurus who are trying to teach you how to do that which they have never done! Be careful who you follow and who you listen to. Find a Pinnacle Leader/Mentor to follow. Do everything they teach you to do. Don’t re-invent the wheel!

What is a Pinnalce Leader?

In network marketing we call people who have made a decent income, say $10,000 a month a leader. The term leader is based upon income. In reality leadership has nothing to do with income. Leaders, simply develop other leaders, and the truth is must people we consider to be leaders in network marketing develop followers. A Pinnacle Leader is not someone who has developed a six figure income in the industry those people are a dime a dozen. Please understand that! A lot of people have developed that type of income on work ethic, drive, determination and personality alone.

Unfortunately while being great character traits for this business, those traits ARE NOT DUPLICATABLE

A Pinnacle Leader is someone who is earning a six figure income who has taught someone else to earn a six figure income and that person has also taught someone else how to earn a six figure income and they are all teaching the same systems and programs. When you find three levels of six figure income earners, who ARE ALL DOING, SAYING, AND TEACHING the same thing, follow them!

Where did you learn this idea?

I originally heard the idea from John Maxwell. I have a free PDF that gets into more detail on this very important subject at Unity is the key. Success in this industry comes from DUPLICATION, not INNOVATION!

I feel your approach to developing leaders and not followers is refreshing, how can people learn more?

They can check out my CD “The Success Principle the Internet Has Stolen” it is on Amazon.


I could pick your brain all day, is there anything more you would like to share with our readers?

Two other final pieces of advice . . . read the book RASING A GIANT by Bob Crisp & also LEADERSHIP & the one minute manager, I consider both of these a must for serious people who want to make building a network marketing team their profession.

Thanks Dale, I have heard a lot great things about you and your training programs and now I understand why.

It was my pleasure.

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