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As individuals and entrepreneurs I have been desperately trying to communicate over the past 18 plus months that the most important attribute to move forward is FOCUS.

2020 is the year the facade of perfectly polished marketing crashes and burns. Too many people have been burned by influencers faking it with perfect photo shoots, and consumers are desperate for authenticity.  Authenticity is the second most important word moving forward from this point on in history.

These are two words that are worth pondering to start 2020.

The days of fake it till you make it entrepreneurship has worked for a few that we all know about, but if someone is teaching this  to you, it is on you if you keep listening to this  “If you want to be perceived to be a pro” nonsense.    The way to become a pro, is do it, THEN TALK ABOUT it.  If you must talk, then document your journey.

Podcasting listenership has grown from 10% of the US population to almost 35% of the US population in 2019.


Techcrunch believes the increase in celebrity podcasters is also boosting listenership. I see this trend continuing in 2020.  

So rather than pouring money into free lead magnets and filling up your CRM with cheap unqualified leads, turning that lead magnet into an excellent low ticket offer to bring in quality customers who are actually paying to get on your email list, will make a massive difference to your  Ad Budget and business in 2020.

Personally, this is one of the transitions we are making in all our businesses in 2020. Funded Proposals is a concept I have been teaching for many years, because it allows us, to target people that are willing to spend money on their own personal develop, health, business education, etc.

Some people simply will not spend money on anything, especially if it relates to personal growth and development.   Everyone has what I call “Money Blocks”.  We all have them.  When Dawn and I got married nearly ten years ago I told here, I only spend money on two things “Personal/Business Development & Memories”   No clothes, shoes, trinkets, or the newest latest technology.

Copywriters are going to have to up their game on Facebook in 2020.

Here’s the thing: Facebook rocks. The ability to reach an audience that’s massive AND targeted, with native-feeling content, makes it a tremendous ad platform.

But it’s getting more competitive. And on top of that, Facebook’s inventory is more limited than some other ad platforms (Pinterest and YouTube, for example, have ad placements galore), which means that as Facebook ads become more mainstream…they also become more expensive. A lot more expensive in the past 12 months as many of you are aware of.

As we have taught for many years to create leads for your business, you have to invest your time or money.  However their comes a time when the money you invest will no longer provide an immediate return on ad spend.

That is why the network marketing business model is different.  One person can return more income to you than all the advertising dollars you spend, but you must persist.   That is why we teach clients how to create an advertising budget for your business, and allocate it systematically.

However all marketing channels change, and their comes a time when you need to look for new channels.  We have seen it with Craigslist, Google Ads, Banner Advertising, and now Facebook.

That is why it is important that network marketers do not neglect the proven, cost effective lead generation techniques that have worked for years.  

One promo method that I have talked about for years is DROP CARDS.  When you look at the math, they just make sense and is a tool that all network marketing team builders should be using daily.  5,000 $100 bill drop cards $247.00.   With the $100 bill drop cards you are guaranteed to have your marketing message read at least 5,000 times. They are simply irresistible, and if you get them in the market place in strategic locations, they will work.   How many customers/distributors do you need to enroll to recoup your investment.

If your Facebook ads are going to succeed in 2020 and beyond, they’ll have to do an even better job of grabbing your prospects’ attention and delivering value or a sales message that appears to those that simply, don’t know any better.  The beautiful part about drop cards is your message (the card) will be saved and read over and over.   They are also more viral than any social media add will ever be. People will share them with other people. 

I remember several years ago sponsoring someone that told me the $100 bill card had been in his sock drawer for years, but the timing was now right and that is why he was calling.

The digital marketing landscape will continue to change – probably faster every year. You can view this as an impossible mountain to climb, or as a huge opportunity to invest your advertising budget wisely.

Marketing is marketing and great for acquiring customers. The one point I want to remind you of moving into 2020 is network marketing is a different business model. The real product is people.

The right relationships require authanticity. Network marketing is a different and unique business model. Your long term income has nothing to do with the the number of people you sponsor, or even the numbers of customers you develop.

In network marketing leadership creates customer volume. Your long term income is in direct proportion to the number of leaders that are developed on your team.

Make this a year where you become a student of leadership. Here is a great place to start, if you are not adverse to sending money on your personal education.

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