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First of all just let me say I hope you and yours
have a enjoyable Easter Holiday.   We will be
celebrating with family and I am looking forward
to it.



What I am going to share with you, I have only
shared one time about a year ago  
at a closed door high level marketing seminar  I was
speaking at.  Attendees paid thousands of
dollars to attend this event.
I learned about this insider technique about 3 years
ago at a seminar I personally paid ten thousand dollars
to attend.


Honestly, I couldn’t tell you one thing I learned at the
seminar except this one technique and it absolutely
blew me and every marketer in the room away. 


Here is the technique


Imagine your competitors website or any website that your
potential customers… Continue reading »

Last week I shared with you info about
what I predicted would create a major
buzz in the internet marketing world.

How many dozen emails did you receive about
“Perpetual Traffic” & “Google is broken” last week?

I had nearly 30.

The sooner you see this the better:

If nothing else, read the 2 free reports and download
the free software!!!!!!

Ryan’s reports and software have taught us all these FACTS:

1. Free Traffic RULES and is easier to get than ever.
Because of Googles new “Caffeine” update, the little
guy really has a shot again.

2. Paid traffic is harder than free and it’s dwindling.
Even Google admits that, at least 15% a year and
dropping fast.

3. There is a proven system for getting all the free
traffic you want and once you know that formula you… Continue reading »

It seems that every time I have checked my email this
week there is yet another email from another marketer
talking about PPV traffic.

For those of you that read our monthly newsletter and
or have attended some of my live events over the past
14-15 months you know we have been teaching this traffic
source for almost a year and a half.

I just can’t figure out why now, there seems to be so
much interest and by now I mean THIS WEEK. It has
been crazy.

Yes, PPV traffic is the lowest cost paid traffic source
available. Yes it can convert very well and make you
$$$. We have been using PPV traffic in our campaigns
for over a year.

When you first learn about this traffic source you will get
fired up. I have seen attendess breathing… Continue reading »

I wanted to share the interesting video with those
of you that understand the importance and powr
of list building.



PS I love the “Shave my Eyebrows” Guarantee


It seems that every week I have the same conversation over and over with customers and coaching clients. It starts something like Dale, I am not getting any results with my website, what can I do?

There are two major factors for lack of good website results.

#1 Your site does not have a MWR (Most Wanted Response) or

#2 You simply aren’t getting enough numbers, (traffic)

We will look at both of these challenges in this article. What is your Most Wanted Response? What is the purpose of your site?

Unfortunately many distributor websites are not designed to sell a particular product, they are nothing more than online catalogs with multiple product choices. This type of site is fine for distributors to place there personal product orders but extremely ineffective if you plan on marketing products online. One… Continue reading »


For most people, getting high-quality targeted visitors to their site is probably one of the "hardest" things to

do … unfortunately it's also the most important.

 The reason it's difficult for most small businesses and online marketers is that the majority of popular site promotion strategies either take up A LOT of time, cost a lot of money, or are too risky. Right?


Well, today I want to let you know about a very cool, fully-automated traffic-generation system that can potentially send 1000s of targeted prospects to your site, every single day, absolutely FREE!

Would you believe that this new system is:

  -> 100% Free! – Always has been, and always will be

  -> Automated – 5 minutes to set it up, then forget it

  -> Targeted – you'll get only real, targeted traffic… Continue reading »

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