If you love the network marketing profession, this Facebook live was dropped 9-6-22. If you have hope left, you have to understand this message.

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Unfortunately, in my opinion, AND I HOPE I AM WRONG, this is too little to late. Not because the principles and concepts don’t work, but because we have killed the GOOSE that is laying the Golden Eggs, we have burnt out the market, as I discussed in detail in this training session. The truth is traditional mlm companies have ran their course, and the market just simply doesn’t care. It is sad, but it is true. I know it is hard for many network marketers to accept, but the facts are the facts, mlm as many of us have known it is over!

We brought this upon ourselfves. Since 2000 and the MLM Scam Training #2 I have been shouting to anyone that would listen that we had to return to the core fundamentals and the FACT that network marekting is a personal development program with a compensation plan attached. Some hear, but for the most part the message fell on death ears,


Now, most becasue of social media as Larry Thompson said, but didn’t want to say, the profession has slipped into a state of dissipitation and delusion that I don’t think it will ever recover from. People have given me grief my entire career for speaking the truth. They have been so protective that their downlines might fall off autoship it is beyond ridiculous. When I first introduced the Network Marketing is a Scam audio back in 1999 I received death threats. Every weeek, someone tells me if people could have heard what you were trying to communicate back then, we would be on the downhill slide we are on today.

Lately I have had the “I thought network marketing was suppose to boom in a down economy talks”. Honestly it is shocking. as I have been saying for years, network marekting is no longer a business, it is a GIANT SOCIAL CLUB, You know what social club members do in a down economy? They cancel their autoship!

Network Marketing is no longer the only game in town, I can think of no LOGICAL reason why any entreprenuer minded person would attempt to build a network marketing team with a consumable product, today. It makes know since! Why fight a war you can’t win? Let me put it this way, what consumable product company has started and created any kind of substained momentum in the USA in the past 5 years?

That’s right, none!

Not one nutritional, skincare or household products company of any kind has created substained momentum in the past 5 years. So you can get mad at me for saying I love the training from the Thompson’s but it is “too little, too late” I don’t understand why you are upset with me, the numbers are the numbers, the math is the math, and I have nothing to do with that.

Yes, anyone with a calculator, the ability to pay attention, and not stuck in 1995 knows traditional network marketing is dead. The non-sense on social media put the final nail in the coffin.

A new, never before seen ERA is here because of smart contracts on the blockchain. Honestly most netork marketers from Larry’s generation are stuck in 1995, the last thing they want to hear about is smart contracts on the blockchain, and I get it. Larry is not stuck in 95 he understand Wisdom of the Ages Success Principles and is not afraid to communicate them with conviction. He intimidates those that think building a network marketing team is all about using the right photos and lighting on social media.

Larry’s generation understands the fundamentals and the personal develop part of the business. Their knowledge is so needed today.

The next generation and many of the people they mentioned in the video are the one’s that started looking for shortcuts and moved away the profession away from the core fundamentals. Their speculation is what caused the profession to move from a state of momentum to speculation followed by disipitation. Because of these people the profession has fallen into the state of delusion it is in today.

To think the Higdon’s of the world have the ability, understanding or desire to return the profession to a state of momentum is nieve. The last generation are the one’s whose only concern seemed to be to milk every penny out of evert newbies they possible could. I have seen no value come from these people, for years they have been telling people what they wanted to hear so they could sell them what they wanted to sell them.

Several years ago Ron and I did a training to warn people yet again, that we couldn’t allow the nonsense to continue and the profession needed to return to the personal development and core fundamental training that created the momentum to begin with. If you have never seen it, it is worth seeing. To progress in the future, you need to understand the past.

The fake it till you make it leaders have ran most solid people with common business sense, & can think for themselves out of the business. Where is the next generation of leaders? Name one person with any company who has started from scratch, with no team and built a full time income within 1-3 years in any company. THEY DON’T EXIST. How can the network marketing profession progress when the next generation of real leaders, not those with leadership titles, are not being developed?

You have the good ole boys and girls social media social gurus who promote each others crap and blow smoke up each others dresses all day, as they come out with the newest strategy they can pitch to the mases. They have convinced the masses all sorts of ridculous ideas like You must have a blog if you want to be perceived to be a network marketing pro, and so much more that I have called out over the years” Newbies who don’t know better buy into this crap will self proclaimed gurus get rich promoter each others worthless affiliate programs!

A few years before they were telling everyone they needed to be posting daily on YouTube. This nonsense never ends, They tell people what they want to hear so they can sell them what they want to sell them!

I have no doubt that the course the Thompsons come out with will be wisdom of the ages truth, just like our MLM Training Club program, but people don’t want the Truth, they want fluff and fu fu dust. The want to be PERCIEVED to be a mlm pro instead of doing the work, internalizing the right principles and making it happen!

Network marketing is no longer a business,, it pains me to say that but it is the truth. I think Lary and others from our generation know that, we all love the profession we are just bewildered by what it has become.

Here is the good news!

A new era of wealth creation is here., that 99% of the entreprenurial world doesn’t even realize yet. Becasue of smart contracts on the blockchain, crypto, and decentraized finance their is opportunity that exist that didn’t and couldn’t have even existed just two years ago. But it is here right now, just remember you heard it here first.

Now let me really blow your mind. Myself and a small group of our team started a new Beta program with a New Era company in June. By the end of 2022, I believe I will 20 people on our team that will go from ZERO to six figures in 6 months, without selling anything, with no membership or start up fees, no autoship, and WITHOUT SPONSORING ONE TEAM MEMBER.

Have you ever heard of anything like that before? NO because it didn’t exist. Skeptical, don’t believe me, I don’t care. Most will not figure out what is going on until it is obvious to the masses, but if you are curious, here is a sneak peak at a private video I did for friends that are hung up on making money ONLINE!

If that made sense, then you will want to check out this video I sent to about 70 business associates that were burnt out, and had given up on ever building a team again.

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