Friday Brain TweakYes, I know I am writing the Friday brain tweak on Thursday.   Taylor (daughter) is flying in from New York to spend the holiday weekend with us so tomorrow we are picking her up at the Cincinnati airport which is about an hour drive, I know I am going to have a honey do list before we go, so if I don’t write my Friday Brain Tweak today, it may not get written.

I hope you’re doing great! As some of you know Thursday is my self-education day, I have 3 hours scheduled every Thursday to focus on whatever marketing method I am trying to master. After I get it, then I stop doing it and outsource the process to one of our virtual assistants.

Today I am finishing the  5 DOLLAR POST TRAINING I’ve been going through. The course shows how my old friend Ron Douglas used $5 Facebook ads to get 500 subscribers/prospects  a day. It’s very comprehensive and actually used to be the foundation of a $997 coaching program he offered. The training is more informative and important today than ever, and he’s offering it for only $17 for the next few days, so I snatched it up.

I was getting ready to invest $997 in another Facebook course, but honestly after going through Ron’s info, I will probably just invest my personal education funds somewhere else.

I am learning a lot I didn’t already know or fully understand and really enjoying the course, it is video based which I like.

There are 2 or 3 OTO’s. Of course I bought them. They are awesome as well & don’t detract from the main course at all. There is no question that Facebook has become part of our culture. I recently read that the average person logs into their FB account 14 times A DAY! I can’t imagine!   I have made it more than clear that in my opinion FB got people, especially marketers ….addicted, and now they are trying to extort money to reach the audiences that WE DEVELOPED!

So for that reason as a company we are spending a lot of our social media promo man hours on other platforms, as I talked about a month or so ago in a post titled FACEBOOK ENGAGEMENT IS DOWN THIS IS UP.

So the thought of running $5.00 Facebook ads and creating customers for any product, in virtually any niche is exciting for me and probably you as well?

Regardless, Ron’s main offer is great and definitely worth more than the $17 investment. I haven’t studied any other low investment Facebook ads course that is comprehensive as his is.

When it comes to any and all business promotion my philosophy is. LEARN IT MASTER IT OUTSOURCE IT

I talked about this last night on the TIME MANAGEMENT FOR NETWORK MARKETERS WEBINAR I did.   If you missed the webinar, you can find it online here. (It will come down Sunday)

So what is my Friday Brain Tweak?

I think there is more opportunity to grow your business now than at any time in history, BUT you must be willing to learn from those who have already done it!

Network Marketers are notorious for flying by the seat of their pants, (whatever that means). Doing it with the determination, work ethic, communication and sales skills they ENTER the industry with.

In today’s marketing world, it is no longer enough. Frankly, it never has been. Yes your personal skill sets and mindsets can help you develop a following but they have nothing to do with your ability to develop a team.  In fact, I think history has proven, the stronger you are when you enter the network marketing industry, the weaker your team will be.  Is that  a Brain Tweak?

So if Facebook is part of your business promotion strategy, check out Ron’s course by clicking here  and feel free to forward this Friday Brain Tweak to anyone who may benefit from it.


Dedicated to Your Success,




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Tomorrow Friday, 9/4 at 12:30 I am going to share with you EXACTLY WHY YOU SHOULD NEVER NEVER NEVER promote your opportunity with a pitch book or flip chart, you don’t want to miss this!

If you have an upline or sideline that is teaching their team to use a flip chart or pitch book, forward this post to them now!

BETTER YET, if your MLM company provides a pitch book, or flip chart as a tool for distributors to promote the opportunity, MAKE SURE SOMEONE AT THE CORPORATE OFFICE WITH INFLUENCE, SEE’S THIS Periscope tomorrow at 12:30. Just follow




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