Over the years I have slowly watched the deeply flawed philosophy of “Closing Prospects” take over the network marketing industry as well as many other disturbing ideas that make nobody money accept for those pitching them. Below we are providing two resources that will help you eliminated this flawed concept once and for all.

About 10 years ago I pulled the Karate meme below from a flash in the pan “self proclaimed gurus” website. At first I thought it was funny, and then after thinking about it I got disturbed.  I remember thinking,is this really what the greatest business opportunity in the history of the world for average people with above average desire has come to?  How sad.

The really sad part is over the past 10 years “closing network marketing prospects” as become mainstream and considered a common business practice within many organizations.  For 97% of people that join a network marketing organization the thought of CLOSING PEOPLE is a Giant Wall, and one they really have no interest in climbing.  The great news is Closing is a skill set that does not belong in network marketing and the good news is, I can show you how to simply walk around the wall and accomplish more than you ever would attempting to become a master closer.









Every week that passes by we get questions about Closing prospect into a network marketing program.  The questions go on and on, but the mindset stays the same.  The “closing” mindset is wrong, it makes no sense and has no place within the network marketing business model.  I believe that any open minded person that accesses the training below will see why immediately.

Some people are being taught and sincerely believe that “closing” is a required skill to become successful if you want to build a network marketing team.  I 100% disagree, in fact is hard for me to believe at this point in history, any network marketing leader would waste one minute of training time on attempting to teach their team how to become master closer.  We are not training penny stock pitch men in a phone room somewhere.

In the Free resources below, I hope to put this idea to rest once and for all.  I understand that there are people making a fortune teaching closing systems and seminars to network marketers, however I KNOW they are not needed and a waste of your valuable time and money.  Honestly I blame the companies that hire them, or the upline leaders that don’t warn them.  Those who promote useless seminars to their downlines in hopes of making affiliate commissions have no place in network marketing.  Especially when the seminars ultimately cause more damage, confusion, and long term discouragement than they do good.

I hope that when you are finished watching the webinar below and listening to the recorded podcast on this topic.  You will see why closing distributors in network marketing business, is a subject that should never be discussed or talked about.   Please bookmark this page or do whatever you need to do, because I promise you that throughout your network marketing career you will have team members that are going to need to access this information.

As long as pitchmen are paying affiliate commissions, and companies don’t grasp that leadership creates product volume these unproductive trends will continue.


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