I have to admit, that when it comes to following a script, I am sincerely the worlds worst.   It is one of the area’s that I need improvement on.  If you are doing video’s, especially for You Tube, you should at least have a basic outline you are attempting to follow.  Personally I know I ramble, but I can not stand to watch anyone who is obviously reading from a script.  That is not what I am talking about, but I am suggesting we all learn to follow a basic outline when doing videos.

I recently found this outline, and thought it was worth sharing with our readers, I hope you will reference it the next time you do a video promotion.



The following format can be used for most videos.

1    Your Introduction.  Tell them who you are and why the viewer should listen to

you. Or if you dont want to focus on yourself and you are an affiliate, you can begin by telling the viewer about who the seller/creator of the product is, and

why they are an expert in their niche. Either of these methods will build

credibility at the beginning of the video.


2    Why The Viewer Should Continue Watch.  Many YouTube viewers don’t watch all of the videos they click on.  Tell the viewer what benefits they will receive by watching the video.  Tease them, tell them there’s something special at the end of the video.


3    Why Your Video Will Solve Their Problem.  Chances are, you are promoting a product that solves a problem.  This will be the meat of the video. Explain to the viewer how the product you are promoting will solve their problem.  Most of what you need to say can be pulled off the sales page for the product.


4    Summarize The Key Benefits.  Just like with bullet points on a sales page, you should cover the key benefits of the product you are promoting.


5   How This Product Has Helped You.  If you have used the product and it has helped you, in just a couple of sentences, tell them how



  6   The Close.  You viewer has now been watching your video for a couple of

minutes, so they have shown interest.  Now tell them EXACTLY what they need

to do.  If you are sending them to a squeeze page, then tell them to visit the link below and get their free report.  Or if sending them to an affiliate offer, tell them to visit the link below to visit the XYZ website.


Bottom line, you must tell them what you want them to do at the end of the video if you want to convert viewers into traffic.


The software we use to get our videos ranked high is called Video Shadow.  You can watch a video that explains how the software works by CLICKING HERE.  

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