I have always tried to communicate to network marketers that network marketing is NOT SALES, if you want to be in sales, sale yahts or something that offers high comissions. Your long term income in network marketing is in direct proportion to the number of leaders that are DEVELOPED on your team.

Starting a business isn’t the only way to build wealth. But even if you DO become a successful entrepreneur, it doesn’t mean you’ve gotta run your own biz for the rest of your life. Passive income is what attracts many traditional business owners to network marketing.

Traditional business owners soon discover that network marketing is more about building a team, and helping other become successful. This is a paridgmn shift that some fine it hard to make, because it is not longer just about them and their bottom line profits.

With a tradionl business you can hire and fire people, in network marketing you are building a volunteer army of independent contractors. Over the past twenty years network marketers have been sold all kinds of ideas that have nothing to do with MASTERING the fundamentals of network marketing.

The industry is full of self-proclaimed gurus who tell people what they want to hear so they can sell them what they want to sell them.

HOW MANY OF THESE “Non Wisdom of the Ages” IDEAS Have you been pitced?



I have come to the conclusion that what most entreprenurial spirited people really want is A PATH THE PROVIDES PROGRESSION. The challenges is market conditions change and real entreprenurs learn how to pivot, however most don’t.

The profession today has many people that are totally stuck in the MAKE MONEY ONLINE rut. They have gotten away from seeking a path forward and dismiss anything that promise them money sitting behind their keyboard. I have seen many great people with huge upside potential get trapped, or I would say brainwashed in one particular niche.

Visonary entreprenuers and some point come to the conclusion that what they are really looking for is a new CLEAR path forward.

Every week I talk to people that burnt out on a particular business niche years ago, and then come back to it, because of adjustments and changes that leaders in the niche have made. Unfortunately most in the niche are stuck on the success it once offered, or have bought into new methods to grow that make no sense. (All MLMers need to create a Tik Tok following — WHAT? )

As some of you know, back in the late 80’s by brother, Wade and I owned a baseball card and sport memorabillia shop. We had alot of fun and a great two year run, before the bottom fell out of that market. I ignore the market for years, but the sports collectibles market has advanced especially because of number of manufactures creating very limited edition cards and new grading services that guarantee the cards you are investing in, are not fakes or knock offs. The market has changed, and my wife and I are back into a market that burnt me out years ago, because the niche has changed. We have established CMG Sportcard Investments on eBay. eBay itself is a niche that was beyond hot in the mid 80’s who is not making a come back of sorts. Some niches can change with the right leadership steering the ship.

These short cut methods are promoted by people who are more interested in sellng training programs and seminar seats than they are providing workable, doable systems that provide a clear path to sucess for the majority of people.

 Many business owners, don’t want to start another business and deal with all the headaches, Network marketers don’t want to deal with all the workable duplicatable systems and leadership that must be provided when building a volunteer army.

Online affiilate marketers and Ecommerce business owners get burnt out on the grunt work, running ads- building a team- managing clients- creating systems and processes.

Many just entreprenures today from all walks of life are trying to eliminate as much off their plate as possible. Today,entreprenuers from all types of backgrounds are simply looking for clear path that provides financial progress monthly and if the progressing income created can be passive, then nothing could be much better, could it?

It doesn’t matter how good an idea, product, or service is, if the market doesn’t care, you are fighting an uphill battle. That is in any niche,butthat is exactly what the network marketing niche is experiencing right now. The last 20 years so many flawed principles have been propigated throughout the network marketing industry that many business minded people who were once fascinated by the residual income potential,are now repelled.

The truth is ……………..

A new era of wealth creation is here now, today, that 99% of entreprenurial spirited people don’t even know exist. This is what is going on and it may sound confusing, it is not hard to understand if people do their own due dilligence. It is simply a New era of wealth building.

Because of smart contracts on the block chain, cryptocurrency, and decentrialized finance, a new era of wealth creation is here that wasn’t even possible a couple of years ago, and most don’t understand exist today. Dale Calvert

If you are an entreprenurial spirited person looking for the fastest and most direct path to $30,000+ per month without creating your own product, service, training systems or business… and without INVESTING ONE PENNY, this is it! Evaluate the links for yourself and AFTER you have sold yourself, contact the person that shared this article with you.


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