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Many would-be marketing leaders begin their own business only to discover that understanding and liking people, or how to create leads is only a small part of today’s success formula. Because they lack the knowledge of direct response marketing and business systems, they wind up in a business that has them enslaved to 50-70 hour work weeks, working weekends, constantly on the phone with the wrong people and being completely burned out.

… And many times they wind up working for slave wages to boot. I have spent the last 30+ years trying to help people avoid these traps and the short cut detours that lead nowhere. I started with none of the skill sets and mindsets it takes to build a large duplicating network marketing team. If you have… Continue reading »

Friday April 5, 2013

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Quick Message From Dale


I… Continue reading »

I receive messages and questions like the one below every week. From time-to-time I just answer them online so I can reference people to post.


Dale, I am confused.  I saw your Video called MLM on the Internet Warning and I am confused.. Because  a friend of mine said you were promoting an online program at  , so which is it?



Network Marketing is about “Leadership Development”.  It always has been and always will be.  Your income is in direct proportion to the number of leaders you develop on your team.  Distributors come and go, “Developed” leaders stay!  In the Market Today, there are1) Network Marketing Opportunities 2) Affiliate Marketing Opportunities and  What I call Internet-Work Marketing plans. 3)Internet-Work Marketing is basically an affiliate program with network marketing compensation that is designed to be  promoted online.

The… Continue reading »


The answer is always "Make More Money".    The problem is some people get so over come with bills that emotionally, and mentally they shut down.  They become super skeptical, frustrated, and really don't know who to believe or what path they should take.  They are unable to think logically and end up looking for get rich quick methods that by now they should know DON'T EXIST!

I talk about this in detail in my book:

Available at Amazon

The Secret is to read this book BEFORE you need it!  With that said, what can you personally do to make more money within the next 7 days?  Think about it?  Make a list!   The trap people get into is they think $300 isn't going to make a lot of difference right now.  That may be true, but $300 every week… Continue reading »


I am not money motivated, I am just Psychologically UnemployableClick To Tweet

I got actively involved in network marketing when I
was twenty years old because I wanted to make $100,000
a year without a boss.  That was 30 years ago when $100,000
was considered a lot of money.


I just wanted freedom.  Thankfully, five years later I walked
out of IBM in Lexington, Kentucky and I have never had a
weekly pay check from a company since.


Those that know me, know I am not money motivated.
My relatives will tell you that is my number one fault.
However as I look back I think when I was a kid I was
very money motivated.  However it was not for the
money is was more from a feeling of I didn’t want… Continue reading »


"Stop chasing skills and start building systems. Learn to outsource work to the highest performing/lowest price option. People with skills work for rich people with ideas" 
Jim Cockrum 

As many of you know, I have over 100 different websites in various niche markets and to date, I have not built one of them. I don't even know how to design a banner ad.  My technical skills are very limited.  I can do basic task, but nothing else, and my lack of knowledge in
this area is by design.  To not become self-educated in the techical aspects was a conscious decision on my part.

Yes many times over the years I have considered taking a course on html programming, or website design but I have reframed. My personal education time is better spent testing marketing and lead generation ideas than it… Continue reading »

In the beginning of your network marketing career you do a lot of work you don't get paid for, but later on, IF YOU DO IT RIGHT, you get paid for a lot of work you don't do.



I am continually amazed by the attitude of entitlement people today seem to  have, even  people involved in network marketing.  Just because you join a company, attend every event, listen in on every conference call and corporate webinar does not mean you should be earning a penny.   All that means is that you like hanging out with the network marketing crowd more than the group of people in the choir at your church! 


Network marketing is not a social club, it is a business.   Yes, the social aspects of the business are awesome,… Continue reading »

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